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What is 08-20-25?

8-20-25 represent Aug 20 (Move-in day) thru Aug 25 (the first Sunday of the school year).

Our hope and prayer is to connect with the incoming students as the decisions they make in these few days can determine the trajectory of their entire college career & life!

Complete the challenge by 8.25 for brand new Koin Swag!

Prayer guide


The challenge

08 Prayer Walks

Grab a friend, some housemates or go solo & pray for 15 minutes on the Berkeley campus using the prayer guide

Send a selfie to with a sentence of where you prayed and what you prayed for. We'll upload it to our Instagram!

20 Memory Verses

Memorize 20 verses from the prayer guide

25 Chapters of the NT

Read any 25 chapters of the New Testament

BONUS CHALLENGE: Read any 25 BOOKS of the New Testament