Spring Break + Passion Week

When we hear the word "passion," we usually think of strong emotion or intense love. But the Latin passio originally meant to endure suffering. So it is that Passion Week encompasses both the strong emotion and the suffering of Christ.

Passion Week (or Holy Week) is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. This year, Palm Sunday is on March 25 and Easter is April 1. It also happens to be Spring Break.

We wish you all a happy and restful Spring Break, but encourage you to also take time to contemplate Jesus' suffering as he resolutely headed to a brutal death on the cross. Many churches--ours included--take this week to prepare our hearts for Easter by reflecting on Jesus' last days. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How is it that the crowds cheered Jesus, hailed him as king, and welcomed him into Jerusalem, but but jeered at him, condemned him as blasphemer and criminal, and sent him away to the cross?
  • Jesus suffered immense emotional, physical, and spiritual anguish. He was despised and rejected by his people and his disciples all abandoned him. He was beaten, scourged, and nailed to a cross to die a slow, painful death. He experienced God turning away from him for the first time ever. What must that have been like? Why would he go through all that?
  • Why did Jesus go through all that? If he was God, why didn't he stop it all from happening?
  • What does Jesus mean when he says to remember his body broken for us and his bled shed for us? 
  • What does the cross have to do with me? What does it have to do with my sin? "Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us" - John Stott
  • What does it mean for me that Jesus doesn't stay dead, but he comes back to life just as he promised?

If you are back from break in time, we invite you to join us for our Good Friday service and celebrate with us at our Easter Service.

Passion Experience

Hello! Excited to let you know about Passion Experience this year! The Passion Experience is a fully immersive experience designed to help us walk with Jesus through the last week of his life, also known as the Passion. Here’s a trailer for those of you who have never been through the experience:  https://vimeo.com/123168558

This year, the PE will be open from 7am-11pm every day in two locations: DL and HB. For DL, we’ll be starting Monday, 3/19 & for HB, we'll be starting Wednesday, 3/21.

Both locations are identical, so you only need to sign up for one time slot at the location of your choice.

To sign up, please check your emails for the signup links or ask a staff to send you the information.

We’re looking forward to how God will touch lives through this year’s Passion Experience!

Home Group Friday: Gospel Experience Edition

It was an eventful night for Koin3 juniors and friends. Home Group Friday kicked off with some awesome burritos, then continued with the Gospel Experience, in which the student leaders prepared booths and short talks on different aspects of the gospel.

Is there a Creator?

Is there a Creator?

What is Sin?

What is Sin?

Who is this man Jesus?

Who is this man Jesus?

These booths were a great way for our newcomers to get a condensed version of what Christianity is about and what it might mean for their lives.

Following the Gospel Experience was a message on Mark 5 from DP. The message had a lot to say about our rebellion towards God, and how our sin is like demon-possession that perpetuate our sins, but also how God is still so willing to invite us to repair that love relationship that we have so painfully broken with our sin. We must be willing to come out into the light and say our name in front of Jesus and proclaim who we truly are before our Holy God.

After the message, we drove all the way down to Newark for two awesome rounds of Laser Tag. The Blue Team led by Jon Y and Mang W dominated the Green Team in both rounds! Overall, it was a night of thought-provoking messages and a blast of a post activity. A night to remember, indeed. 

Looks like a scene out of Space Trek or Star Fight...

Looks like a scene out of Space Trek or Star Fight...

Mandatory silly photo!

Mandatory silly photo!

- blog from Lucas L

God's Faithfulness In Action

Second win against top 10 ranked school in many, many years! Crushed those Cougars. Go Bears!

Second win against top 10 ranked school in many, many years! Crushed those Cougars. Go Bears!

This past week, K3 held separate bibles studies between the brothers and sisters for another weekly installment of Church 101. The brothers went to Salesforce in SF while the sisters went to Cata&DP’s apartment. This time, we focused on 1 Corinthians 12-13, and learned about how unity as a church can only come from love. Afterwards, the brothers watched the Cal game against Washington State (GO BEARS!) and the sisters watched parts of Les Mis 10th anniversary concert. Much fun times were had between singing along and eating homemade rice krispies.

Two days later, we had a baptism Sunday service where Jessica was baptized! After service, we celebrated with late lunch in the Davis room at HB. Amidst the food and fellowship, Jessica got to share with the entire home group her full testimony of how she came to Christ. And after cleaning up, we celebrated Jeanette’s birthday by surprising her with a cake! Overall, it was a great weekend experiencing God’s faithfulness through our church community. Stay tuned for more!

Recap: Welcome Week

Oh man, it's already been a month since welcome week! So much happened it's only fitting to do a recap in pictures:

Juniors Welcome Back Night (8/24)

Let's just call this game "Rope Draw"...

Rules of the game: Work together with your "ropes" to draw a picture with the marker!

Rules of the game: Work together with your "ropes" to draw a picture with the marker!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Boba and Board Games (8/26)

Koin 3 Welcome Night (8/28)


Welcome to Cal!

Koinonia is a campus Christian fellowship at UC Berkeley. We meet during the week to share about life, what's been happening in our lives. We also meet to learn about God through reading his Word and meeting for Bible Studies. Whether you're a Christian or not, whether you've been to church all your life or never stepped foot in one, you have place at the table here. Come join us! We'd love to have you here.

Sophomore Getaway to Monterey

What better way to unwind and reset from midterm season than a weekend getaway to the beach?

On the weekend of October 28-29, our sophomore class took a step back from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area to head south to Monterey Bay (the other bay area!) for a fun weekend of sightseeing and fellowship. They stayed at one of our ministry homes, called Monterey House, located not too far from Seventeen Mile Drive, one of the gems of California. As great as the sights were though, it was the fellowship that happened indoors that stole the show! Upon arriving at the house, one of the sophomores exclaimed, "This place is a freaking mansion!" And another one of the sophomores commented that playing board games with each other and even slicing squashes with each other was his favorite part of the trip. And furthermore, there was a birthday celebration over the weekend as well! All in all, a fun getaway weekend indeed!