The Seed and the Soils


Last Friday, K1 held TFN at First Pres, starting off with enchiladas and some chips and salsa. After a hearty meal, we jumped into the passage of the day in Luke 8: the Parable of the Soils. In his analysis of the four different types of soils, DJ was able to shed some light on what each soil represents in our own lives. No matter what, the seed is the same: the Gospel. It is the type of soil in our hearts that determines how we receive it. From being like the path, which the seed cannot penetrate, to the rocky soil, in which the seed does not grow deep roots, to the thorny soil, in which the seed is crowded out by thorns, many of us will face our own challenges in receiving the Gospel in our lives. Yet we are called to be like the good soil in which the seed can truly flourish, holding the Gospel with an honest, open heart.

We ended the night at Koin House, cooling down with shaved ice and engaging in an intense game of Taboo. Before heading into Sophomore/Junior Retreat, the message was a great call for us to look into ourselves, opening our eyes to how the Gospel truly falls on our hearts.

Written by: Justin K.