Flame in the Fog

On this past Friday, DJ and Tabby's K1 Home Group had their whole TFN at Pacifica on the beach. Even though it was a cold, very foggy, monsters snatch you into the mist sort of day, the weather didn't stop us from playing volleyball in the dark (lit only by LED light strips) or enjoying a hot dinner by the fire.

For the bible study, DJ explored Luke 5 when Jesus asks a most likely tired and irritated Peter to cast his net again after a night of fruitless work. Too often, we feel like we, too, have toiled tirelessly through the night with nothing to show, only to be asked to cast our nets again. However, as shown in the passage, Peter was able to experience something amazing by casting his net out just one more time at Jesus's request. The message was one of both encouragement and reminder, calling attention to our hope in Christ but simultaneously asking us what we toil for in this world. We wrapped up the night by singing some praise around the fire and partaking in fellowship with s'mores. The K1 TFN at Pacifica was a great way for us to start the year off on a high note, readying us for the work to be done.

Written by: Justin K.