Last Friday (7/27) the Koinonia Berkeley sophomore class packed the grill and the bats for a time of barbecue and softball. 

Click here to watch the Doodle again!

Click here to watch the Doodle again!

Some of the sophomore bros came early to set up the grill, cook, and practice a few swings. After a dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs, we did a quick scrimmage before heading to Chinaberry to study 2 Thessalonians. David P had us read through the three chapters and submit insightful questions to a list that we would all answer after.

There were many questions about the lawless man, about idleness and "if you don't work, you don't eat",  and about the importance of not worrying about the end times, but looking to Jesus' promised second coming to strengthen us in the face of trials and suffering. David encouraged us all to spend our time wisely, not be like the busybodies who occupied themselves with many things, but not the things of God. 

We ended the night by playing the couch game. We all had headaches afterward, but it was fun. (Bros won, just so you know.)

For more pictures of the night, see below!

(Pictures by Jeremy L)