Recap: Welcome Week

Oh man, it's already been a month since welcome week! So much happened it's only fitting to do a recap in pictures:

Juniors Welcome Back Night (8/24)

Let's just call this game "Rope Draw"...

Rules of the game: Work together with your "ropes" to draw a picture with the marker!

Rules of the game: Work together with your "ropes" to draw a picture with the marker!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Boba and Board Games (8/26)

Koin 3 Welcome Night (8/28)


The Seed and the Soils

The Seed and the Soils

Last Friday, K1 held TFN at First Pres, starting off with enchiladas and some chips and salsa. After a hearty meal, we jumped into the passage of the day in Luke 8: the Parable of the Soils. In his analysis of the four different types of soils, DJ was able to shed some light on what each soil represents in our own lives. No matter what, the seed is the same: the Gospel.

Flame in the Fog

Flame in the Fog

On this past Friday, DJ and Tabby's K1 Home Group had their whole TFN at Pacifica on the beach. Even though it was a cold, very foggy, monsters snatch you into the mist sort of day, the weather didn't stop us from playing volleyball in the dark (lit only by LED light strips) or enjoying a hot dinner by the fire.

Welcome to Cal!

Koinonia is a campus Christian fellowship at UC Berkeley. We meet during the week to share about life, what's been happening in our lives. We also meet to learn about God through reading his Word and meeting for Bible Studies. Whether you're a Christian or not, whether you've been to church all your life or never stepped foot in one, you have place at the table here. Come join us! We'd love to have you here.

Summer's Almost Here! Support our Summer Project Teams!

Wow, can't believe Easter is already over and now we're heading into the last few weeks of instructions. Just another week and then it's Dead Week, Finals, and then Summer Break!

Speaking of summer, Koinonia is sending out various teams to other countries to participate in our Summer Projects. The different teams will be doing fundraisers on campus and at our Koin events, so if you see them you can support them by giving them a friendly wave, or even better, supporting them by buying whatever they're selling.

But most importantly of all, please support all the teams with prayer. 

ACTS 2017

ACTS 2017 started off our Spring Break with a whirlwind of activity. Berkeley hosted students from Seattle, Davis, Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, LA, San Diego, Austin, Minnesota! It was a blast meeting everyone and sharing stories about how God found us and saved us into this huge family of God.

We all got trained up in various classes, ranging from how to hold Gospel Conversations, to Servanthood, to the stories of famous missionaries, apologetics, church history, spiritual disciplines, and more!

We also got the great experience of hearing the testimonies of many of the Gracepoint Pastors and full-time staff who are part of our church planting movement. And we ended with a chance to pray for and bless those who volunteered to plant churches on the East Coast. Praise God for how God has transformed them and used them! We look forward to seeing how God will use them in the future years!



Sophomores Yosemite Trip

Sophomores Yosemite Trip

A week before Spring Break, the Koin Sophomores trekked out to the great wilderness of Yosemite. Okay, well they stayed at Yosemite House, so maybe it wasn't that much of a wilderness experience. 

But the hike to Vernal Falls Yosemite was a tough one. The Sophs took the John Muir trail, which meant switchback after switchback, snow, and... the pictures explain it all.

March Baptism!

Congratulations to all our friends who were baptized this past Sunday!

Chapel Time

Chapel Time, a time to come, praise, reflect, pray, and listen to a short devotional. For those who attend, it definitely offers a peace from the business of the day as they connect with God. It is kind of like a brief interlude to the midterms, papers, projects, and more that seem to always demand attention. 

This semester we have been offering Chapel Times on Monday and Wednesday nights at 10:00pm at DL. All are welcome to attend. Stop by if you're interested!

Thanksgiving Retreat

This last weekend, November, 11th-13th,  we attended our annual Thanksgiving Retreat. Often times we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget about all that God has done. That is what made this weekend so special. We got to slow down, watch recap videos, hear messages, and be reminded of how God has been active in our lives this past year. 

Check out pictures from the retreat below. 

Sophomore Getaway to Monterey

What better way to unwind and reset from midterm season than a weekend getaway to the beach?

On the weekend of October 28-29, our sophomore class took a step back from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area to head south to Monterey Bay (the other bay area!) for a fun weekend of sightseeing and fellowship. They stayed at one of our ministry homes, called Monterey House, located not too far from Seventeen Mile Drive, one of the gems of California. As great as the sights were though, it was the fellowship that happened indoors that stole the show! Upon arriving at the house, one of the sophomores exclaimed, "This place is a freaking mansion!" And another one of the sophomores commented that playing board games with each other and even slicing squashes with each other was his favorite part of the trip. And furthermore, there was a birthday celebration over the weekend as well! All in all, a fun getaway weekend indeed!


Freshman Potluck

What can be better than a potluck, carving pumpkins, and a PUMPKIN LAUNCHING TREBUCHET?

I don’t think much can either. On Saturday, October 29th, our Koin Freshmen got to visit our Harbor Bay campus (HB for short) for a potluck, pumpkin carving, sports, and an insane pumpkin launching time. Though the home built trebuchet didn’t launch as far as it was designed, some projectiles still went up to 40 feet!

About the event, one frosh exclaimed, “A pumpkin actually broke the trebuchet’s platform on the last launch! The expression on Roy’s face was priceless!” 

Scroll down to see the pictures.