Koinonia [koy-nohn-ee'-ah]

Koinonia is Greek for “fellowship” and that’s what we’re all about.  We’re a UC Berkeley student ministry that encourages everyone – those serious about their faith, those curious about Christianity, or those who come just for the food – to come and find answers to their questions about God, Jesus, Christianity, and spiritual discipleship, as well as find Biblical wisdom to navigate through life together.

We strive to imitate the Acts 2 church model of doing life together in Home Groups where you’ll find other students you can build relationships with in a small group setting - eating together, learning about God together, and making memories together. Think of your Home Group as a second home where you can be yourself around friends and journey through college life together!

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Koin Council

Meet our Koinonia student council members!

(Left to right): Nathan, Janet, Jennifer, Charmaine, Andy, Sarah

(Left to right): Nathan, Janet, Jennifer, Charmaine, Andy, Sarah

Pastor Daniel and Sarah

Pastor Daniel and Sarah Kim are both UC Berkeley alumni who have been serving as college ministers for many years, ever since they came to our campus group as undergrads.  Pastor Daniel studied EECS, went on to seminary, and even earned a Masters program in apologetics, so he loves to talk about a whole spectrum of topics: tough questions about God, physics, the Bible, the purpose of life, and more.  As a magnet of a lot of interesting life experiences, he loves telling stories and making people (including Sarah) laugh.  Both Pastor Daniel and Sarah enjoy the outdoors, hosting people at their home, hanging out on campus over coffee or a meal, and sharing the gospel story that changed their lives many years ago. 

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